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Coil Coating Ovens

BGK infrared technology provides excellent solutions for Pretreatment Drying and Primer and Finish Coating Curing. Compact and economical ovens directly apply full-range infrared heat energy to the coil.

With 180 ovens installed worldwide, we know how to satisfy your process needs. BGK is the industry leader in infrared heating systems for coil.

We provide heating in the near infrared spectrum - with low maintenance oven designs that deliver effective energy-efficient high-intensity performance.

· High-Intensity Electric Infrared
· High speed, high volume ovens: new, retrofit and boosters
· Full-range 0 to 100% instant response heat source
· Requires the least amount of plant space for your oven dollar
· Quick to install: fully pre-assembled and pre-wired
· Easy to operate / Low maintenance
· Self-cleaning, re-radiating reflectors and energy saving ceramic insulation
· Separate heating zones save energy when you heat only for the coil width being run
· Coil will not overheat upon sudden line stoppages
· Automatic control: coil temperature remains constant with changes in line speed
· Top-notch quality construction
· Vertical and horizontal designs fit easily into new or existing lines

Oven Heating Technology Comparison

BGKHigh Intensity Electric Infrared Convection Hot Air Gas Fired Infrared NIR Induction
Short Ovens X - - X X
Quick and easy to install X - - - X
Instant and infinitely adjustable heat output X - - X -
Uses near infrared radiant energy X - - X -
Long lamp life X NA NA - NA
Heats product from inside out X - - X X
Uniform heating across coil width X X X X -
Separate heating zones across the width X - - X -
Self-cleaning oven interior X - X - -
Heat both steel and aluminum X X X X -
Oven Cost Moderate Moderate Moderate High High

A proven BGK Advantage: Airknives!
Pretreatment dryers heat the coil rapidly to the needed peak metal temperature (PMT). Heated process air; pressurized through opposing airknives and directed at the coil, complete the drying. Exhaust is effectively removed from the enclosed oven chamber.

· The fastest coil drying technology for pretreatments and lubricants
· Totally enclosed oven chamber
· All types of coatings:
    - Chrome Passivation
    - Zinc Phosphate
    - Antifingerprint
    - Lubricants
    - Acrylics

BGK curing ovens are designed to put the heat energy where and when you need it. Water base and primer coatings can typically be heated rapidly to the PMT, whereas solvent base coatings sometimes need a variable heating ramp: we have oven designs to meet both needs.

Separate heating zones along the oven length provide adjustable heating ramp. Separate heating zones across the oven width save operating cost when you run less than full width coil.

Ovens are self-cleaning: condensate and vapors do not collect on oven interior.

The new BGK Lab Oven can prove your process and take the guesswork out of oven setup. Click here for more info….

· Designed curing: technology that allows critical release of solvents for quality finish. Heating rate can be contoured with separate heating zones along oven length
· High quality primer, finish and top coats: construction and appliance goods
· PLC control with touch screen operator interface
· Product recipes provide easy storage of oven settings
· Closed-loop temperature control delivers precise coil temperatures
· Ovens can be part of a new installation or easily retrofitted on existing lines.
Compact units can be made to fit your exact needs
· All types of coatings:
    - Polyesters
    - Acrylics
    - Epoxies
    - Lacquer
    - Urethanes
    - Vinyl
    - PVDF
    - Waterbase
    - PVC (Plastisols)


· Modular oven designs allow pre-assembly and pre-wiring before the oven arrives on site.
· Efficient compact ovens can be installed on continuous galvanizing lines: streamlining the operation; greatly reducing coil handling and storage.
· Multi-sectional ovens mean process flexibility. Separate heating zones can be provided to put the heat where and when you need it.
· BGK also offers a pull-out oven design.
· Ovens can be installed and added on to as your needs grow.